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  • Spanish (es) El amor no entiende de nacionalidades
  • Russian (ru) Иностранцы все чаще крадут сердца швейцарцев

Wedding demographics international thefts of Swiss hearts from the increase

Well-suited: many spouses that are foreign from European countries

More and more Swiss are marrying that is non-Swiss German females and Italian males the partners of preference, in accordance with the Federal Statistical Office.

While less couples generally speaking are tying the knot in Switzerland, the amount of bi-national partners will continue to increase, nearly doubling within the last three decades, work sa >external website link posted on Thursday.

The 15,100 weddings involving two nationalities comprised significantly more than a 3rd associated with the total in 2016. The amount of Swiss-Swiss weddings just last year dropped by around a 3rd to 19,800.

General, 10% of married people in Switzerland inhabit a marriage that is bi-national household.

The report noted that while 58% of Swiss who had been created abroad hitched a non-Swiss, just 23% of Swiss created in Switzerland did.

The man is Swiss and the woman foreign, although Swiss women no longer lose their Swiss citizenship when they marry a foreigner (they did until 1992) in the majority of bi-national marriages.

Many international partners come from European countries, with Swiss males preferring to propose to women from Germany, then Italy, Kosovo, France and Serbia, in accordance with information from 2011-2016. Swiss ladies choose Italians, then Germans, Kosovars, French males and Turks.

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